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Can I Have Your Slides, Please?

March 16, 2017
Through the i4 Practitioner Network, we can spread the word and teach others how to create world-class leadership in every sector of society.
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Planning To Change Is Not Enough

December 21, 2016
Even though planning is the first step in any endeavour, planning alone is not enough for 'change' to take place.
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In The Pursuit Of Generosity

October 31, 2016
How can we become more generous on a daily basis, even if it is with small gestures?
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The Age Of Affect: Learning To Speak The Language Of Our Human Essence

March 31, 2016
If you want to experience a happier brain, make the time for solitude to explore the deeper side of yourself and also encourage those around you to do the same.
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Finding Your Creative Flow

March 24, 2016
This story is my gift to you based on what I have discovered about my relationship with Flo (short for flow not Florence).
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i4 Tales At Vivid Ideas 2016: The Neuroscience Of Creative Thinking

March 17, 2016
Those managers or leaders who remain ignorant of how to foster creative thinking could be affecting the potential of their business.
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Why A Brain-Friendly Immersion Will Benefit Not Just Your Professional But Also Your Private Life

March 10, 2016
The central theme was the brain: as neuroscience techniques become ever-more sophisticated, we're awakening new levels of awareness about our little grey cells.
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Love, Fear And Indulgence! What Showed Up For Me At The i4 Live Retreat Program

March 08, 2016
The heart, the third brain, is one that we can all connect with but can be so troubling for us in our lives.
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Can The Practise Of Managing Our Emotions Lead To Better Leadership?

January 30, 2016
Sue has used her gift for synthesising science into practical tools anyone can use to teach thousands of business leaders how to harness the brain’s potential.
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My 2016 Wish

January 03, 2016
It is not just about the words, rather it is about our spirit coming to life every time we create a connection with another human being.
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