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The i4 Neuroleader Model and the CIES Islands

July 09, 2020
Artificial intelligence technologies are here to stay, but humans have creativity, empathy, intuition and hope, which machines cannot duplicate.
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A Brain-Friendly Brain in a World of AI

July 09, 2020
Technology and artificial intelligence are changing the world, and humankind must now figure out where we fit in this ever-changing environment.
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Inequality Starts In Our Brains

June 08, 2020
People will continue to fight about differences in perspective based on their understanding of the issue unless we take a different approach.
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The ROI of Brain-Friendly CEOs

April 30, 2020
Brain-friendly CEOs have the potential to positively impact their work environments to increase productivity and profits.
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Learning How to Lead Ourselves in a Pandemic

March 31, 2020
Leaders should consider this crisis as an opportunity to develop ourselves personally and spiritually.
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Respect Is A Cornerstone Of Leadership

March 26, 2020
Respect means something different to everyone, but respect begins with ourselves, and we cannot truly lead others until we find self-respect first.
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The Virus That Has Reset Capitalism

March 17, 2020
Capitalism is floundering as a result of the Coronavirus, and leaders now have a responsibility to the world to respond appropriately.
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Davos 2020: Model And Measure Leadership To Build Trust

February 13, 2020
Without a proper leadership model, it’s difficult to measure leadership and foster an environment of trust and growth.
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Your Imagination Is A Powerful Tool - Are You Using It Effectively?

January 30, 2020
Letting the mind wander activates the default mode network, which allows us to imagine possibilities which can enhance our leadership abilities.
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If Your Staff Is Not Talking About Creativity, You Are Falling Behind

January 09, 2020
Without creativity, an organisation cannot hope to attract and retain top talent in today’s business world.
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