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She Does This: How Depression Made Me A Better Leader

October 08, 2018
Our Founder Silvia Damiano recently speaks with ‘She Does This’ about her career path and how suffering depression made her a better leader.
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Today Extra: Give Sleep the Respect it Deserves!

October 03, 2018
Our CEO Silvia Damiano talks with Sonia Kruger & David Campbell about the importance of sleep on Today Extra for Sleep Awareness Week.
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Searching For Dopamine

July 25, 2015
Treat the brain of your customers like you would want your brain to be treated. You want the people internally and externally to follow your vision.
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Our Founder Silvia On The Mojo Radio Show

June 30, 2015
Silvia is the creator, thought leader and founder of The About my Brain Institute & the i4 Model whose purpose is to democratise leadership & neuroscience.
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Working In Regional Australia

June 25, 2015
A television interview with our Founder & CEO Silvia Damiano! This clip showcases Silvia's tour throughout regional Australia.
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An Idea Worth Spreading At The Web Summit 2014

November 18, 2014
An Idea Worth Spreading at the Web Summit 2014
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What Dreams Are Made Of: Unleashing The Power Of Imagination In Leadership

October 16, 2014
What dreams are made of: unleashing the power of imagination in leadership.
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Flying High With Neuroscience

October 07, 2014
Neuroleadership is all about helping individuals & organisations function at their best & fulfil their potential through understanding how our brains function.
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Why Not Democratise Neuroscience?

September 24, 2014
I believe that being aware of our brain capa­bil­i­ties, and how to opti­mise them, is some­thing that every­body needs to do.
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New Leadership Model Vital For The 'Imagination Age'

September 03, 2014
Work environments are more complex than ever imagined when current leadership models were developed while the external economic landscape has 'changed forever'.
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