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Gut Health & Well-Being

October 12, 2015
To have vitality and strength, it is essential to optimise our nutrition, sleep well and learn to relax.
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The Power Of Positivity

October 05, 2015
A positive workplace culture can go a long way towards engagement and commitment at work.
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Strategic Thinking & The i4 Model

September 21, 2015
The best strategic thinking occurs when the brain is ready.
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The Art Of Retreating

September 14, 2015
Creating the space to recharge is key to develop an improved version of ourselves so we can take on life’s daily challenges with joy and courage.
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i4 Live 2015: Time To Rekindle & Nurture New Abilities

March 10, 2015
An eclectic group of individuals learn about leadership, the brain, food, communication, movement, sleep, inspiration and practise the skills of the i4 Model .
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Ultra Nutrition For The Ultimate Animal

December 14, 2014
Ultra Nutrition For The Ultimate Animal
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Sleep And Be Happy

December 13, 2014
It has long been recognised that depression can cause sleeping problems but it is often not realised that the relationship is bi-directional.
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The Human Body - An Instrument For The State Of Flow

December 10, 2014
The Human Body - An Instrument for the State of Flow. Our bodies craves Flow and the body wants to move.
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Three Simple Strategies To Create Personal Change In 2015

November 30, 2014
Three Simple Strategies to Create Personal Change in 2015
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