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Balancing Your Body And Mind Makes Your Brain Happy

September 21, 2017
Finding the balance between work and your personal life can be tough. Sometimes the best thing to do is to turn off the phone and take a walk in the woods
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Integration Means Syncing Your Body And Mind For Success

June 01, 2017
Taking time for yourself is important to maintain a healthy body and mind. Let the noise of business & personal life quieten for a few moments and just breathe.
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One Walk A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

May 04, 2017
Physical activity has been linked to hippocampal volume, meaning that increased aerobic activity may increase the size of the hippocampus.
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Eureka! - Go Deep

December 12, 2016
There are no "incidental findings" when it comes to your well being and this carries over into all aspects of the complex life we live.
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Why A Brain-Friendly Immersion Will Benefit Not Just Your Professional But Also Your Private Life

March 10, 2016
The central theme was the brain: as neuroscience techniques become ever-more sophisticated, we're awakening new levels of awareness about our little grey cells.
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GQ In Leadership

October 30, 2015
Teaching leadership in organisations through the lenses of a much wider definition of the “brain” -the heart, the gut, and the head. Gut Intelligence!
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Sleep For Health

October 19, 2015
Sleep is our third pillar of health and without good sleep on a regular basis our physical and mental health will suffer.
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Gut Health & Well-Being

October 12, 2015
To have vitality and strength, it is essential to optimise our nutrition, sleep well and learn to relax.
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The Art Of Retreating

September 14, 2015
Creating the space to recharge is key to develop an improved version of ourselves so we can take on life’s daily challenges with joy and courage.
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Our Founder Silvia On The Mojo Radio Show

June 30, 2015
Silvia is the creator, thought leader and founder of The About my Brain Institute & the i4 Model whose purpose is to democratise leadership & neuroscience.
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