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Adaptability Is More Than Just Change

September 07, 2017
Adaptability is more than just change. Being responsive in today’s Imagination Age is crucial for success. Even small changes can positively impact your life.
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Attitude – The Special Sauce For Change Success

November 28, 2016
Attitude refers to the willingness to embrace doing things differently and adopting a positive mindset towards experimentation.
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From The Hospital On Election Day

July 03, 2016
Let's think beyond ouselves and what we want today; and instead project ourselves into a better future for all of us.
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A Brain Based Leadership Approach For The Future Of Work

February 02, 2016
Change is inevitable and can no longer rely on the people at the top to be initiated or managed effectively.
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The Changing Face Of Leadership In The 21st Century - Where YOU Become The Superhero

August 19, 2015
The Neuroleader exists within, waiting for its potential to be unlocked and learning from our brain how to be the very best version of ourselves.
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Being Vulnerable Connects Us

May 04, 2015
Vulnerability is the key to Innovation, Creativity and Change
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Challenge Your Unconscious Bias

January 10, 2015
Challenge Your Unconscious Bias
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Three Simple Strategies To Create Personal Change In 2015

November 30, 2014
Three Simple Strategies to Create Personal Change in 2015
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Why Not Democratise Neuroscience?

September 24, 2014
I believe that being aware of our brain capa­bil­i­ties, and how to opti­mise them, is some­thing that every­body needs to do.
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How To Create Gender Equality In Leadership—Stop Talking About It!

August 21, 2014
If you want to create gender and racial equality in leadership, stop talking about it.
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