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Move. Nourish. Perform.

May 12, 2015
A balanced brain is one where all the neural networks are working together. Having a well-integrated brain provides the platform for everyday life.
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Lucy – Flirting With Reality?

August 13, 2014
Do we use 10% of our brain? Is it possible to artificially induce the hidden talents of the brain?
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Your Money And Your Brain

March 31, 2014
I have been reading Your Money and Your Brain. Why we make bad decisions and how to avoid it according to neuroeconomics, by Pedro Bermejo & Ricardo Izquierdo.
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The Neuroscience Of Regret

May 27, 2013
How our brains learn to let go of regret as we age - and why some people don’t.
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Innovation Is Just A Habit

May 02, 2013
Our negative habits get in the way, when they prevent us from doing something more extraordinary, something more valuable or more innovative.
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Mental Health And Immunity

April 10, 2013
Inflammation is often an immune response to healing injuries, but the process also influences the brain, sometimes impacting learning and memory.
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What Is Epigenetics And Why Should I Care?

March 01, 2013
I would like to invite you to a new possibility here, where there are options.
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When We Are Shy

January 20, 2013
Shyness can happen to anyone including many successful members of society.
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Gambling, Pleasure And Addiction

September 07, 2012
Actions leading to alteration of the brain pleasure circuit are at the heart of all these addictions.
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The Pleasure Of Food

September 01, 2012
Food can be a mere necessity for some, and a great passion for others. Food activates pleasure circuits in the brain, just like an addictive drug does.
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