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What Does It Take To Focus

February 28, 2011
A focused mind is one that is able to eliminate distractions to reach the level of concentration required to perform a particular task or solve a problem.
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Work Life Balance

January 24, 2011
Prolonged stress leads to wear and tear on the body, thus affecting learning and memory in the hippocampus; working memory and executive function in the PFC.
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An Understanding Of (ADT) The Attention Deficit Trait

January 09, 2011
When our amygdala gets hijacked, we are robbed of our flexibility, our sense of humour and our ability to deal with the unknown.
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The Chalk Urban Art Festival

October 14, 2010
Art education assists the brain in rewiring itself, creating new connections between neurons. Without it, this rewiring would probably be limited.
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Remembering India

June 13, 2010
Remembering India -Putting things into perspective for busy people.
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