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Equipping Ourselves For Adversity

May 16, 2017
In our crazy world, it’s easy to become over-stretched. The gravity of ‘busy’ drags us away from nurturing vital parts of our lives. We need to regain balance.
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In The Pursuit Of Alpha

November 10, 2015
Neurofeedback experts have now proven that when we slow down and the brain is able to produce more alpha brainwaves, we perform, think and feel better.
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Sleep For Health

October 19, 2015
Sleep is our third pillar of health and without good sleep on a regular basis our physical and mental health will suffer.
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The Art Of Retreating

September 14, 2015
Creating the space to recharge is key to develop an improved version of ourselves so we can take on life’s daily challenges with joy and courage.
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Move. Nourish. Perform.

May 12, 2015
A balanced brain is one where all the neural networks are working together. Having a well-integrated brain provides the platform for everyday life.
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Ultra Nutrition For The Ultimate Animal

December 14, 2014
Ultra Nutrition For The Ultimate Animal
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Unforgettable Mandela

December 07, 2013
Son, father, prisoner, peacekeeper, leader and hero – Nelson Mandela.
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The BrainArt Exhibition Launch For 2012 Approaches

October 16, 2012
Whatever our beliefs and views are, they become more meaningful when they are acknowledged and shared by those interested in what we do.
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The Pleasure Of Exercising

August 07, 2012
Regular exercise demonstrates that there are large changes in the brain, like the growth of new blood vessels increasing the geometric complexity of dendrites.
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On Time

September 06, 2011
Neuroscience is showing that spending too much time on social networking is leading to attention problems causing difficulties communicating face-to-face.
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