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Think Design Article

August 18, 2010
An annual opportunity from Billie Blue to discuss the future of design and contribute with an article which I called “Think Design – With the Brain in Mind".
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Feeling Creative?

August 10, 2010
Feeling creative? Creative thinking allows people to solve problems on issues they are working on.
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August 04, 2010
Although nostalgia was once considered an unhealthy preoccupation, new research reveals that it improves people’s moods and is a sign of emotional well being.
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The Take

July 24, 2010
Have you found yourself in meetings where people keep dwelling on how bad things are? By focusing on the solutions, not the problems, you can succeed.
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Wouldn’t It Be Nice If Change Was Painless?

July 15, 2010
Wouldn’t it be nice if change was painless?
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July 04, 2010
The brain of a dyslexic person has to work up to 5 times harder than a non-dyslexic brain –according to some recent research at the University of Washington.
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Social Rejection

June 26, 2010
Most people will experience at some point in their lives what scientists call “social pain” : being excluded or ignored from a group by friends or colleagues.
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The Value Of Being Grateful

June 20, 2010
Research studies have also shown that those people who have been taught to be more grateful can provide better emotional support to others in need.
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Remembering India

June 13, 2010
Remembering India -Putting things into perspective for busy people.
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Are You A Control Freak?

June 01, 2010
Even though it is natural for the brain to seek certainty, a certain dose of fear can be useful to keep us alive.
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