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Reduce Resistance To Change, Know Thyself!

November 10, 2010
Change in technology, communities, organisations and your own personal environment is running at a phenomenal rate.
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The Brain In Relationships

October 31, 2010
The human brain is extremely complex and this complexity mirrors itself in the nature of human relationships, especially when it comes to love.
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Mission Beach

October 31, 2010
Taking a few days rest south of Cairns – Mission Beach to be exact.
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A Psychotherapist Reflects On The Value Of Neuroscience

October 19, 2010
Neuroscience might just be a rational person’s defence against engaging with their emotions.
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The Chalk Urban Art Festival

October 14, 2010
Art education assists the brain in rewiring itself, creating new connections between neurons. Without it, this rewiring would probably be limited.
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Over Think

October 07, 2010
Our brains process many thoughts and bits of information per minute. The question is how long do we ruminate over the same thoughts.
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Mind Wandering

September 23, 2010
Some neuroscientists believe that this default network is responsible for day dreaming, which is fundamental in the creative process.
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Strategies For Enhancing Memory In The Workplace

September 19, 2010
Assigning a topic to be researched and create a presentation on a new topic is also a very effective way to learn and retain information.
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Fear And Memory

September 10, 2010
The amygdala has connections with areas in the prefrontal cortex which is associated with working memory.
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Emotional Intelligence & The Limbic Brain

September 02, 2010
Learning about emotions is essential for anyone who wants to be a great leader.
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