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Working Memory

June 29, 2011
Working memory is the ability to keep information in your mind for a brief period of time; this is essential for problem solving and for control of attention.
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Technology, Mirror Neurons & Empathy

May 09, 2011
Technology not only helps us know our brains better but allows us to have access to information we never thought could possibly be available.
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The Power of Storytelling

April 06, 2011
The brain responds in the same way if the story is in words or if it is a realistic action video.
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2011 Brain Art Project Exhibition Highlights

March 21, 2011
In this edition, I would like to share some of the highlights and exciting moments from the Brain Art Exhibition which ended last Saturday 12th of March.
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What Does It Take To Focus

February 28, 2011
A focused mind is one that is able to eliminate distractions to reach the level of concentration required to perform a particular task or solve a problem.
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Help Your Workers To Be Creative, Strategic And Effective

February 07, 2011
We live in an era in which we depend on the good functioning of our pre-frontal cortex to come up with creative ideas, solve problems and make decisions.
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Work Life Balance

January 24, 2011
Prolonged stress leads to wear and tear on the body, thus affecting learning and memory in the hippocampus; working memory and executive function in the PFC.
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Advice And Feedback And Counsel! Oh My!

January 23, 2011
Neuroscientists discovered that when we are in certain social situations, our brains biologically react as if we are in physical pain.
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When Something Goes Wrong – A True Story

January 09, 2011
There are things in life that we take for granted so reading Ron’s story is a great reminder to be grateful for what we do have.
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An Understanding Of (ADT) The Attention Deficit Trait

January 09, 2011
When our amygdala gets hijacked, we are robbed of our flexibility, our sense of humour and our ability to deal with the unknown.
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