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On Entrepreneurship & The Creative Brain

May 02, 2012
Learning how “our brains” work will make us more aware and attentive to those behaviours that may get in the way of our success.
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The Story Of The Busy Business Man, The Sage & The Value Of Self Knowledge

April 14, 2012
What would you do differently if you knew yourself better? The sage asked the busy businessman.
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Adults With ADHD

February 03, 2012
A person (with ADHD) who works in a fast pace environment within a field that ignites his/her passion, may function very well and become extremely successful.
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Psychopaths | Human Predators

January 02, 2012
Psychopathic individuals clearly understand the difference between right and wrong, however frequently ’choose’ wrong.
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Emotions & Negotiation

November 06, 2011
We cannot leave emotions at the door, neither can we ignore them, particularly in situations such as a negotiation with another human being.
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Data Visualisation And The Brain

October 30, 2011
Data visualisation, or information visualisation, isn’t anything new, however we are generating and storing more data than we can process.
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Do You Want A Smack? Yes... Please Mummy!

October 14, 2011
With awareness we can find many clues both in ourselves and in others about what our parents taught us about emotional intelligence.
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The Non-Discussable Emotions

October 11, 2011
Emotions as a topic just did not feature in our conversations as children. So who do you think is going to break this vicious cycle of silence?
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On Time

September 06, 2011
Neuroscience is showing that spending too much time on social networking is leading to attention problems causing difficulties communicating face-to-face.
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What Is A Belief?

September 01, 2011
A belief is something that you believe or accept as true. You might believe something based on a fact, an opinion or an assumption.
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