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Don’t Let The Life You Want Pass You By

January 04, 2018 Nicole Lyons

Too often, we put the needs of others first. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t complete a big report before taking a nap, but there is an invisible line in the sand. On one side, you always put yourself first, and you don’t care about anything or anyone else. On the other side, you always put everyone else last, neglecting yourself. The key is to find a happy medium—where you take care of your responsibilities, but you recognise that you also need to take care of yourself.


What is it that makes you tick?

Whether your guilty habit is golf, painting, reading, or even just sitting outside with a cold drink, you should take time for the things that make you happy. We get so caught up in the day-to-day grind, and we let time slip away from us. Behavioural and psychological factors can increase mortality risk, but hobbies and time spent doing things you enjoy can add years instead.

A recent study examined elderly adults living in a community dwelling. They found that residents without hobbies or a purpose in life had a decline in activities of daily living and a significantly higher risk of mortality. The scientists also hypothesised that having no hobbies may be the strongest link to mortality risk (Tomioka, 2016).

“Don’t be a spectator, don’t let life pass you by.

Lou Holtz

It may take a major adjustment for you to find the time to devote to yourself. But it’s important, and as researchers continue to unlock the mysteries of the brain, we will learn even more about how our actions affect our longevity. Life is too short as it is, so why not slow down today, and make a change?

You don’t have to start with a dramatic change all at first. Think of it like losing weight—slow and steady wins the race. Maybe you used to play an instrument, or write poetry, or go fishing. Even if you start with a few minutes on the weekend, get out there and pursue your passions.

Learn with us to help you make the change

You may feel hopeless about taking time for yourself. You may point to all the obligations you have. But ask yourself if you are truly happy. Your attitude matters, and the way you present yourself affects those around you. If you don’t value hobbies and time spent doing things you enjoy, why will your workers? You have to lead by example.

Maybe you feel like you’ll slow down when you ‘see a sign’, or get an outside indication that you’re stretched too thin. Maybe this IS the sign. You can make a positive change in your life by shifting your attitude about the importance of spending time doing things that you are passionate about. Innovation waits for no one, and if you aren’t ready to embrace the new ways of leadership for this Imagination Age, someone behind you will be.

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Tomioka, K., Kurumatani, N., & Hosoi, H. (2016). Relationship of Having Hobbies and a Purpose in Life With Mortality, Activities of Daily Living, and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Among Community-Dwelling Elderly Adults. Journal of Epidemiology, 26(7), 361–370.

Nicole Lyons

Nicole Lyons

Nicole is the About my Brain Institute's researcher and blogger. As a writer and science educator she is passionate about sharing scientific knowledge to refute ignorance and misconceptions. Nicole is also a devoted wife and mother to three children, two cats, a dog and frog.