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Eureka! - Go Deep

December 12, 2016
Next month I will undergo total hip replacement surgery to replace a joint that's worn out from wear and tear. I wish I had some glamorous story about what I was doing when the damage was caused, but I don't. Just heredity and my own unique DNA. As...
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Facing The Darkness To Discover The Light

November 04, 2016
Hi, my name is Katie Hancock I am a 40 year old mother of two beautiful, crazy boys, I have a wonderful network of family and friends and I am a successful HR leader. I am also a keen basketballer who has retired many times, in fact I have probably...
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Communication: My Life Story

July 04, 2016
My life’s work is centered around communication. Doing more of it, more effectively and illustrating how communication is more than a “soft skill”, but one that leads to real, meaningful business results. But at no other time in my life have I...
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Punched In The Gut, Heart And Brain

May 11, 2016
Nine months ago today, I was punched in the gut, and the heart, and the brain. I received the results of my SPECT brain scan imaging from the Amen Clinic in San Francisco and my life changed in a heartbeat. As I looked at my scans for the first time...
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Key Insights From An i4 Practitioner For Creating A Brain-Friendly Culture

April 27, 2016
Two years ago, I made the decision to become certified in the i4 Neuroleader Assessment and Methodology. I chose this tool over others because I felt it most accurately reflected and assessed the behaviours, traits and abilities people require to...
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Love, Fear And Indulgence! What Showed Up For Me At The i4 Live Retreat Program

March 08, 2016
It had been a really fabulous experience of doing it well; a spectacular venue, delicious food, content to satisfy any thirst, variety (pace, people, music, weather!), emotional connection, creative expression, cognitive challenges, genuine service...
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Using The Skills Of Neuroleadership In Caring For A Loved One With Alzheimers

October 05, 2014
Over the past year, neuroscience, and in particular, its application in leadership, or Neuroleadership, has become the focus of my professional life. From day one, stepping into this field of research and study into the wonders of the human brain...
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Propensity Prevails

December 13, 2010
How does a most self conscious girl in Grade 6 manoeuvre through the ups and downs of life to arrive at a place where her leadership skills are noticed? How does the 22 year old with a new born baby and a critically ill husband with an acquired...
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