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Taking A Re-charge Weekend is Good For You: 7 Ideas to Explore

January 23, 2017
If you use Facebook or even browse the Internet regularly, you've probably seen the meme showing a cabin in the woods. The caption asks if you could give up the Internet, your cell phone, and all social media and live in the cabin for a span of time...
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The Perks Of Napping On The Job

January 16, 2017
While many in the business world may shun a nap, famous nappers include the likes of John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Napolean, Leonardo da Vinci and Thomas Edison. People of various cultures all over the world indulge in an...
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The Art & Science Of Breathing

December 26, 2016
Everyone has overwhelming moments in life. You may feel fed up with work, stressed about your children’s behaviour, or just tired of ‘adulting’ in general. One of the easiest and most basic ways to calm your brain during these overwhelming moments...
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Mental Readiness – Time To Get Our Brains Ready To Perform

November 21, 2016
I recently had to re-paint the woodwork on my deck. It was covered in dust and loose paint, so I knew I needed to first clean off the dirt then rub it down with sandpaper. In other words, I prepared. I knew that missing these steps would result in a...
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Ethics – At The Centre Of Being Human

September 19, 2016
A visit to the website of the Australian Ethics Centre leads to a fantastic video telling us that “Ethics is at the Centre of Being Human”. It goes on to list a range of areas to which ethics are central. Birth, Right-to-Life, Identity, Love, Sex,...
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Boosting Performance Through Better Brain & Body Integration

July 28, 2016
We are living in extraordinary times. Every day, we hear about new scientific discoveries, technological developments and business ideas that we’d not considered possible even a decade ago. Among them is the recent identification of 100 new brain...
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Is Your Salon “Brain Friendly”?

June 15, 2016
Sure, education and knowledge go a long way, but when was the last time you thought about the imagination, intuition and empathy of your staff? Ultraceuticals has just been awarded 'The Brain Friendly Organisation Award', from the About my Brain...
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Preparing Ourselves For High Performance

May 19, 2016
Performance is probably the most common word in the business lexicon. We have performance indicators, performance management, business performance, personal performance and of course high performance. Performance is at the heart of what we strive to...
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Implicit Intelligence And Innovation

April 21, 2016
Innovation is neither science nor entrepreneurship. It is a very human desire to upgrade our existence. An inner drive to see the world differently. A relentless passion, an obsession to investigate, an urgency to create with what we have now!!! The...
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