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Opening Your Mind To The Wonders Of Your Imagination

April 13, 2017
Have you ever wished you could fall down the rabbit hole, step through the wardrobe or catch the train at platform 9 3/4? Have you ever doodled a cool new spaceship or built a tree house in your mind? Imagination makes our world an even more...
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Attitude – The Special Sauce For Change Success

November 28, 2016
I studied change management at Australia’s top-ranking business school. For two years I was immersed in a plethora of academic models, frames, processes, tools and (outdated) case studies. Even at the time I was struck by how academic and...
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The Value Of Studying The Life Of Creatives

October 24, 2016
When you think of imagination or creativity, you may automatically think of artists, poets, authors and composers. In today's world, imagination is typically paired with artistic endeavours but not scientific thinking. However, many of the great...
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Triggering Innovation & The Permission To Imagine

September 05, 2016
I love talking about imagination because it is something we can all cultivate. However, many leaders and even people, in general, believe that imagination is not valuable enough to consider or support when it comes to usual daily activities, such as...
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Curiosity - Why Is The Key To Your Future Success

August 11, 2016
One of the emerging ‘hot topics’ of 2016 is the increasing awareness that computers and artificial intelligence are going to transform our world more rapidly and profoundly than we thought possible. Computers are learning to learn. They can already...
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Implicit Intelligence And Innovation

April 21, 2016
Innovation is neither science nor entrepreneurship. It is a very human desire to upgrade our existence. An inner drive to see the world differently. A relentless passion, an obsession to investigate, an urgency to create with what we have now!!! The...
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3 Basic Steps To Develop Your Creative Mind

April 14, 2016
It is only in recent times that neuroscientists are starting to unravel what happens when we create. We used to leave creativity in the hands of prodigies and talented artists, but now we know that it is something that anyone can do and nurture....
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The Age Of Affect: Learning To Speak The Language Of Our Human Essence

March 31, 2016
When Matt Jackson joined me in co-authoring “The Poetry of Leadership” book last year, my ‘scientific mind’ questioned itself very rapidly. Why would a well-articulated and experienced poet such as Matt, want to be involved with someone who has...
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i4 Tales At Vivid Ideas 2016: The Neuroscience Of Creative Thinking

March 17, 2016
In a world where ideas and people’s thinking is what’s adding value to the economy, demystifying creativity and understanding what happens in the brain when we daydream, imagine new things or experience ‘eureka’ moments has become more important...
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