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Shining Bright

April 25, 2017
There is a wonderful phrase in Zulu “Sawubona” meaning “I see you, the true you.” Far too often, the first things that we see in the mirror are all the things that we aren’t as to all the things that we are, all the things that we haven’t achieved...
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Stronger After The Storm

April 18, 2017
My name is Katie Hancock I am a 40 year old mother of two beautiful, crazy boys, I have two degrees, in Science and Psychology, and I am part way through a Masters of Neuroscience. I have over 15 years experience in strategic HR, 7 years at...
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The Advantages Of Adversity

April 11, 2017
I can guarantee that everyone of you and everyone you know has, is, or will face adversity at some point in their lives. When this happens to us, we have an opportunity to choose how we approach this. Do we view this as a challenge to help us learn...
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The Heart Of Co-Creation

April 04, 2017
What are our hopes, dreams, visions and intentions? Perhaps more generically, what are our thoughts and where do they come form? Our thought forms can take the shape of daydreaming, imagination or visualization. Daydreaming is cognitively heavy and...
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What Path Are You On?

March 28, 2017
We could almost hear the screech of life putting on the brakes, we could just about see the skid marks of opportunity pull up short before our eyes and we knew that what had been our normal would never be normal again. Life has a habit of doing that...
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i4 Tales At Vivid Ideas 2017: Developing A Resilient Brain

March 21, 2017
The Vivid Sydney Festival of Lights, Music & Ideas is a fantastic annual event, that showcases a variety of conferences, workshops, concerts, exhibitions and light-filled artistic interactive experiences. It can completely fill up your diary in the...
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Finding Your Creative Flow

March 24, 2016
This story is my gift to you based on what I have discovered about my relationship with Flo (short for flow not Florence). I met Flo when I was very young. She was my childhood sweetheart. At first we felt like we were doing something wrong when we...
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i4 Tales At Vivid Ideas 2016: The Neuroscience Of Creative Thinking

March 17, 2016
In a world where ideas and people’s thinking is what’s adding value to the economy, demystifying creativity and understanding what happens in the brain when we daydream, imagine new things or experience ‘eureka’ moments has become more important...
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A Review Of i4 Tales At The Vivid Ideas Festival Of 2015

June 11, 2015
On a brisk Saturday morning marking the last weekend of autumn, a dedicated team were already hard at work behind-the-scenes setting up at Billy Blue College of Design Ultimo campus, for what was to be an inspiring, thought-provoking afternoon. The...
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