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Intuition - Why It's Time To Listen To Our Third Brain!

April 06, 2017
General Colin Powell is widely acknowledged as an excellent military and political leader. He invokes a rule around decision-making where P = 40-70. P is the probability of success and 40-70 the percentage of information required to make a decision....
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Adaptability – And Why We Need It In Our Talent Toolbox

January 10, 2017
Attempting to stay ahead in the change game is a dizzying task. There’s so much going on in every direction and it’s impossible to follow everything. But there are some clear trends. One of them is that big cumbersome organisations are increasingly...
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Attitude – The Special Sauce For Change Success

November 28, 2016
I studied change management at Australia’s top-ranking business school. For two years I was immersed in a plethora of academic models, frames, processes, tools and (outdated) case studies. Even at the time I was struck by how academic and...
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Mental Readiness – Time To Get Our Brains Ready To Perform

November 21, 2016
I recently had to re-paint the woodwork on my deck. It was covered in dust and loose paint, so I knew I needed to first clean off the dirt then rub it down with sandpaper. In other words, I prepared. I knew that missing these steps would result in a...
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Courage – A Business Essential In Our Brave New World

November 07, 2016
My favourite times of the week is when I volunteer as a Water Safety swimmer for the weekly Nippers sessions at my local surf lifesaving club. Nippers teaches kids age 5-13 how to safely enjoy the surf. One of the key activities is the swim. 100...
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Ethics – At The Centre Of Being Human

September 19, 2016
A visit to the website of the Australian Ethics Centre leads to a fantastic video telling us that “Ethics is at the Centre of Being Human”. It goes on to list a range of areas to which ethics are central. Birth, Right-to-Life, Identity, Love, Sex,...
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Influence – All We Have When Authority Has Left The Building

August 31, 2016
How do we make ourselves heard in a world and a marketplace where everyone is shouting? That’s a question we need to answer, both to win in a commercial sense, but also perhaps to create our own sense of calm and purpose. I spent my early business...
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Curiosity - Why Is The Key To Your Future Success

August 11, 2016
One of the emerging ‘hot topics’ of 2016 is the increasing awareness that computers and artificial intelligence are going to transform our world more rapidly and profoundly than we thought possible. Computers are learning to learn. They can already...
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Boosting Performance Through Better Brain & Body Integration

July 28, 2016
We are living in extraordinary times. Every day, we hear about new scientific discoveries, technological developments and business ideas that we’d not considered possible even a decade ago. Among them is the recent identification of 100 new brain...
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