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Why An Effective Leader Needs To Provide Certainty

May 11, 2010
While conducting interviews and doing the research I needed for writing my book on engagement at work, it became apparent to me that several crucial ingredients are needed to being fully engaged with what we do.  Illustration by Beni McDonald One of...
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Eureka Moments

May 06, 2010
Being as passionate as I am for creative thinking, - a few years ago I started to notice how moments of insight (or “eureka”) were occurring within me. And the more I understand them, the more I seek these moments as they are extremely energizing. ...
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Engage Me - Inspirational Insights For Leaders Who Want To Engage

May 04, 2010
Have you ever wondered what engages people at work? Have you ever explored and shared with your boss what engages you? Are you curious to know what has changed in terms of how engagement is viewed from the perspective of neuroscience? Join in the...
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Prejudice And Empathy

April 29, 2010
Is “being human” a function of how our brain responds to certain types of people? Is “dehumanization” towards others the reason why some leaders are not empathetic? How does the lack of empathy affect the bottom line? How many times do we miss...
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Decisions And Attention

April 27, 2010
The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about decisions and attention is how little most leaders in organisations know about the impact of technology and its use on our ability to concentrate and maximize what we need to do at work. We have...
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The Impact Of The Prefrontal Cortex On Behaviour

April 19, 2010
A couple of years ago, while teaching my 17 year old son to drive, I was able to have probably one of the best opportunities to observe the pre-frontal cortex (known as PFC) in action.   Illustration by George Novakovski The PFC is the part of the...
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Key Trends That Will Shape The Way We Learn

April 16, 2010
I have recently come across “The Horizon Report 2010″, a publication by The New Media Consortium and Educause Learning. This annual report is put together every fall by an Advisory Board with the aim of identifying and describing emerging...
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What Is Dopamine?

April 13, 2010
Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which is produced by a small number of cells called dopaminergic neurons located in the brain stem. Dopamine was discovered by Arvid Carlsson from Sweden (who won the 2000 Nobel Prize) in 1958. Illustration by Vivian...
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