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Mark Hodgson Joins Us As Head Of Consulting

February 18, 2016 Mark Hodgson

Occasionally we are fortunate enough to encounter something so extraordinary that we know immediately that our life has changed. This happened to me late last year when I met Silvia Damiano, founder of the About my Brain Institute.  


As a result, I have been invited to join the About my Brain team as Head of Consulting. This compliments perfectly my other work in thought leadership and change leadership. I wanted to let you know and provide some insight as to why I think this may also help you.

Silvia Damiano & the About My Brain Institute

Silvia Damiano is a scientist, educator, award-winning leadership expert, global business consultant, coach, inventor & entrepreneur! Unlike so many LinkedIn profiles, each of these claims stands up to close scrutiny.

Silvia has developed a brilliant curriculum for creating C21 leaders and building brain-friendly cultures. Crucially, it’s one that is actually designed to meet the needs of the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world that we all now inhabit.

At its heart is the i4 Neuroleader Model. This embraces a neuroscience-based approach to understanding what we need to ‘do’ and ‘be ‘to succeed as leaders.

It is centred around the 4 competencies of Performance, Collaboration, Innovation and Agility. Under each competency sits the constituent pillars that combine to help us sustainably deliver on that competency. So consistent high performance, for example, relies on us developing the skills of integration, balance, ethics and mental readiness.


7 Reasons why the i4 approach is important

Here are the main reasons I believe that the i4 Neuroleader Model constitutes an important breakthrough in our approach to building the leadership traits we need to thrive in both our business and personal and lives. It:

1. Is brain-smart

Few existing leadership models take into account the brain, which, when you think about it, is pretty dumb!

2.  Is built for today’s VUCA reality

Existing models were conceived to fit with the Industrial or Information eras when we built widgets or accumulated knowledge. We are now in the Imagination Age, where we need a very different set of leadership skills and attitudes.

3. Identifies the gaps and shows us how to fill them

Replacing hierarchical, control & command styles with more flexible/diverse/global and technologically-savvy business approaches is an imperative. Yet few businesses do this well. The i4 Neuroleader model identifies where we must grow and then shows us how to do it.

4. Recognizes the increasing importance and influcence of women

Most leadership models have been developed by male thought-leaders and reflect gender bias. With an increasing female workforce, a new model that ‘democratises’ leadership is needed to align and support demographic changes.

5. Acknowledges our work/life reality and improves all aspects

In the iPhone age, our work and home lives are inseparable. This reality must be incorporated into our thinking. The 4‘i’s of the i4 Neuroleader Model (Integration, Inspiration, Imagination, Intuition) describe brain & bodily processes that underpin how successful and effective we are as a ‘whole person’, not only in the workplace, but also in life.

6. Understands that we are all responsible for our self-leadership

Sheep-dip leadership training no longer serves and the fluid nature of employment contracts mean we must all now take personal responsibility for our own leadership and growth. Tools such as the i4 Neuroleader 360˚ Feedback Assessment enable us to take control of our own development.

7. Understands that leadership is democratized

As Silvia captured in her great book, ‘Leadership is Upside Down’. It now exists at every level and can come from anywhere. Understanding and then implementing this in your business requires a massive shake up of the status quo.

Check Us Out


The infuriatingly young and outrageously talented team at the About my Brain Institute has built a fantastic online resource that showcases our ideas, products and services. We deliver our programs for leaders and consultants both face-to-face in workshops and live retreats and online. The resources are breathtaking.

You can check out just some of them here:

Mark Hodgson

Mark Hodgson

Mark Hodgson comes from an international corporate leadership background. He is Head of Consultancy the About My Brain Institute and runs his own leadership practise. A natural disruptor, he helps executives and consultants to position themselves as leading influencers. He also volunteers as a Telephone Crisis Support worker for Lifeline.

Mark is an Executive Coach, keynote Speaker and the Author. His first book is: ‘Time to Shine: Adapting who you are and what you know to succeed in the ideas economy’.